DIY Pore Cleansing Mask

I have decided to share with you one of my favorite Pinterest finds: the DIY pore cleansing mask. First, I should share with you my opinion on DIY things: if it involves your skin, your plumbing, or your house’s structure, don’t do it. That having been said, I violated the first part of that statement, and now share with you the fruits of my risk.

To make this mask, you need two ingredients: unflavored gelatin and water. The unflavored gelatin comes in little packets in a box, much like instant oatmeal. Pour one of the little packets into a microwave safe container, and add water until there are no more dry bits. Set that aside, wash your face thoroughly, and then microwave the mixture for about 15 seconds or until warm. Then (as disgusting as it sounds) apply the mixture to your face in a nice, thick paste, avoiding the eyebrows. I HIGHLY recommend not doing this in the presence of any other human being, as even my boyfriend of a year and a half couldn’t resist asking why there was a paste on my face with the consistency of boogers. Now, with that snot-tastic paste firmly adhered to your flesh, wait for it to dry. “But, Amelia, how will I know when it’s dry enough?” You’ll know it’s dry when your face feels like it’s going to split if you show any emotion; you’ll feel like you swapped skin with the over-injected Dolly Parton. Now, while still alone, peel your face off gently. You’ll feel slightly like a lizard, and make sure you discard the remains before anyone comes home, or they will ask why there are bits of snake on your bathroom counter. After you’ve peeled off all you can get, wash your face again, and enjoy the results: a face smooth as a baby’s butt, with many fewer blackheads than before. Ta-da!


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