My New Policy on Scientific Experimentation

For the most part, I am a very independent person- I cut my own meat, boil my own water, etc. However, when it comes to open flame, my significant other and I have agreed that it would just be better if I didn’t perform scientific experimentation (especially when the experiment is derived from a Pinterest post) by myself. So, I present to you, my latest Pintastrophe: the cut glass bottle.

In an ideal world, you would simply soak some string in acetone nail polish remover, wrap said string around the bottle at the desired cutting location, light the string on fire, then dip the whole kit and caboodle in ice cold water to make a clean cut. But, as you might have noticed, my blog is about reality- and in reality, clumsy people and fire don’t mix, and glass bottles can be very stubborn. After several awkward and dangerous attempts at bottle-cutting last night (supervised by Cody, of course), I decided to be adventurous and cut a bottle myself. As I’m typing this, I am on my third piece of string and, coincidentally, my third failed attempt. Apparently, discouragement smells like nail polish remover, and looks like a perfectly cut-free bottle. However, I do leave you with my ultimate success: intact fingertips. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I did manage to escape without any harm to my digits; I wish you this same joy as you go through your evening and your Pintempts.


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