Life Lessons (relevant and otherwise) I can Learn From my Dog

Over the last two months, I have been closely observing my dog, and I’m sure she has been closely observing me. Her behavior is sometimes so human that I wonder how they can’t speak; she would probably have some very amusing stories to tell, and most likely ones that I would prefer that she take to her grave. I give you: life lessons from my dog.

  • Take time to stop and smell the urine (ahem, I mean, roses).
  • Never let the snow touch your tummy.
  • Never let ANYONE wipe your butt, EVER- it might be a trap.
  • When everyone around you tells you that you can’t do something, try it anyway- especially if you’re a dog trying to climb a pine tree. They’re probably right, but if you want that squirrel badly enough, you’ll get there!
  • The best way to get what you want is to lay down and wait to pounce on it, even if it’s a person.
  • Get excited every time you poop. After all, you have to be alive in order to poop!
  • Talk to strangers. (Remember kids, CC is a grown-up dog, so it’s okay for her to talk to strangers).
  • Never trust a hot dog being offered to you: it probably contains a pill of some sort.
  • Eat everything you find on the ground that looks even remotely like it was, at some point, food. I roughly translate this to the 3-second-rule.
  • Hog the blankets.
  • You know that plate of cookies on the counter? Eat them. All of them.
  • Feel no shame about scratching an itch in public, regardless of where that itch is located on your body.
  • Feel no shame in general.

Now, please take these lessons with a grain of salt, as they are not all applicable to our daily lives- or, if you have found a situation in which these are applicable, PLEASE let me know so I can share your story with CC. Especially the butt wiping one. Enjoy your day, and remember to stop and smell the urine roses.


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