In the Spirit of Scientific Discovery (and Deliciousness)

I caved in to my craving today and decided to make myself a brownie in a mug. As I was about to add the cocoa powder, I had a sudden stroke of brilliance: use the Carnation Breakfast Essentials powder instead! In my eyes, this was the perfect compromise between ooey-gooey brownie deliciousness and nutrition. Oh, was I wrong. So, so wrong.

First observation: the substance, when put in the microwave, bubbles like a witch’s cauldron.

Second observation: upon removal from the microwave, the substance had a thick layer of liquid covering it.

Third observation: it looks like poop-colored taffy. Moves like it, too.


Now, out of my desperation not only for chocolate but also to prove that my discovery wasn’t entirely a flop, I waited for the non-Newtonian solid to, well, solidify a little more, and then I took a bite. Once you get over the bizarre consistency, it isn’t too bad! It would probably be better if you dumped ice cream on it, but what wouldn’t? I would consider this to be an overall successful experiment, because nothing exploded or caught on fire, and nothing on me is burnt. Woohoo! A great day in the lab kitchen.


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